Call for


Live UX research at Devcon

How it works

Start by filling out the application form for your project.

Applications open till
Friday Sept 23th 17:00 UTC

How it works

We'll review your application and send you a response via email asap. After this:

  • Intake with the research team
  • Preparation of test plan and materials
  • Participant recruitment
  • Run study
  • Debrief and takeaways
  • Public report
Project requirements

Here's what we look out for. Open-source and public good projects come first.

Project requirements

Note that we prioritise open-source and public good projects

  • Your audience includes people that own and manage crypto. Optionally: Experience with DeFi, NFTs, DAO Governance, ETH Staking, Eth clients, Social Crypto
  • You cover the cost of participant recruitment and incentives for your project ($200-$400)
  • At least 1 contributor is available for intake, collaboration and testing, in person, at Devcon
  • You provide the test materials needed 2 weeks ahead of testing (e.g. actual product, prototype, marketing materials)
  • You commit to act on findings
  • You agree to public sharing of findings